Monthly Roundup – September

With September we saw the arrival of the Partnership Grant Program, the publishing of a white paper on ICOs in partnership with LHoFT, new partnership announcements and much much more….and October isn’t slowing down! This month’s newsletter features a ton of exciting news that came out over the past month with more updates on the horizon – so make sure you follow us on Twitter for the most up-to-date news and announcements.

Feature Story publishes white paper with Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT)
Organizations have raised over $1.8 billion through ICOs since January 2017. As organizations continue to raise tens, sometimes hundreds, of millions of dollars in each token sale, it grows increasingly important for industry leaders, lawyers, policymakers, and academics to understand both the ICO regulatory landscape and the economic and technological attributes of the cryptocurrency and ICO space.
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New Partnerships

Poseidon partners with to bring value to nature through carbon blockchain technology
Poseidon will simplify the carbon credit market with the creation of an ecosystem
built on’s blockchain technology. This technology will prevent double counting of carbon and will be consistent across jurisdictions, making it easier for companies to deliver and measure progress towards their climate targets or other goals such as deforestation-free commitments.


Accept ETH/BTC as Payment for Stellar-based ICOs
To support the increasing number of ICOs getting ready to launch on Stellar in the coming weeks, is releasing Bifrost, a service that enables token issuers to accept ETH or BTC as payment, in addition to XLM. Bifrost provides the investor with an ETH address, then automatically creates a Stellar address pre-populated with the correct number of ICO tokens upon payment, making ICOs on Stellar a seamless process for both investors and entrepreneurs.

Regulatory Strategy for Tokenization & ICOs
Regulation of initial coin offerings (ICOs) appears inevitable. How can businesses thrive in this developing regulatory landscape? This post discusses strategies and opportunities for those in the token ecosystem.
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A Closer Look at the Winners of the 4th Stellar Build Challenge
Since launching last year, the quarterly Stellar Build Challenge has galvanized scores of developers from every corner of the globe to build their own applications atop the Stellar Network. To highlight some of the great projects that have been built for the SBC, we reached out to a just a few of the winners of the last SBC to discuss their projects.

QRYPTOS has added XLM
Lumens are now available for trading on (XLM) on QRYPTOS.

Developer News

Mobius: First major Token Sale on Stellar to hold Hackathon
The Mobius DApp Store Hackathon ends October 9th, 2017 judged by Jackson Palmer (Creator of Dogecoin) and the community. The winning submission to the DApp Store will win 50,000 MOBI. Mobius is building new standards to easily connect billions of apps, devices, and people to the blockchain ecosystem.

Announce your project by October 30th for the Stellar Build Challenge!
You have exactly 26 days left to announce your project for the Stellar Build Challenge! Already working on an idea? Announce it now so you can start getting feedback from both members of SDF and the community. We look forward to seeing what you’ll build for this next round!

Stellar is hiring!
Interested in working at We’re hiring for a variety of developer roles. We don’t care about pedigrees but we do care if you are smart and can get stuff done. Be nimble. Be enthusiastic. We want spirited debates about how to build tools that will impact the future of money.
[Current Openings]


October 10th – London
Lisa Nestor, Director of Partnerships, will be at the Global Money Transfer Summit in London participating on a panel about blockchain for money transfer.
[Event Link]

October 12th – Come meet us in London!
We will be hosting our first community meetup in London following our participation at the Global Money Transfer Summit. Join us for a pint or two and meet members of the team as well as other community members. We look forward to meeting you!
[Register Here]

October 16th – 19th: Toronto
We are heading to Toronto for Sibos 2017 in Toronto where we will be a panel speaker. In addition, we will also be hosting a Stellar meetup. More details on the meetup coming soon!
[Event Link]

October 22nd – 25th: Las Vegas
Jed McCaleb will be at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas speaking at a session about reimagining cross-border payments.
[Event Link]

October 23rd – 24th: Hong Kong
Ella Qiang, Director of Partnerships, will be speaking at the Hong Kong Fintech Week at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.
[Event Link]


Mobius closes the gap between the internet world and blockchain world through innovative and simple protocols that introduce new standards for cross-blockchain login, payment, governance, and oracles.
[Current opening: Founding Engineer]

We’re building an exchange web app using the Stellar decentralized exchange as the backend. We plan on listing multiple altcoins and maybe even some ERC20 ICO tokens. We’d love to have developers who are familiar with Stellar and have a passion for front end development! Please reach out to: [email protected]

Welcoming New Team Members

Nicolas Barry, CTO
Nicolas Barry joins the foundation as CTO. He is no stranger to Stellar as he designed and implemented parts of stellar-core, and will use his experience with large distributed systems to accelerate building the next iteration of our platform.

Tomer Weller, Developer
Tomer is a Maker and a Software Engineer. He recently graduated from the MIT Media Lab where he worked on 3d glass printing, systems for understanding visual media and fostering collaborations between makers and non-profits. Before MIT, he was a full stack developer and taught Android development. Tomer is passionate about Hummus, glass-blowing and LISP.

Jonathan Jove, Developer
Jonathan joins us as a core developer, bringing a decade of C++ experience to the team. Before joining, Jonathan worked as a quantitative trader.

Nikhil Saraf, Developer
Nikhil is a full-stack developer and joins Lightyear on the platform side. He most recently worked at Duetto, a dynamic pricing SaaS startup that is focused on the hotel industry. His past experience includes working at Salesforce, Amazon, and running his own mobile payments startup.

Lisa Kinard, People Ops
Lisa is our office Ninja as head of People Ops. Before moving into the operation side of things, Lisa worked on electronic commerce policy issues at two think tanks.

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