4th Stellar Build Challenge Results

Thank you to everyone that participated in the 4th Stellar Build Challenge (SBC)!

We would also like to thank all of our community members who took the time to provide feedback for all of the submissions. Your ongoing feedback during the development stage is an invaluable component to helping developers get their projects past the finish line.

After reviewing more than 40 submissions, our judges have awarded 23 participants with 7.95 million lumens. Below is a breakdown of all the submissions that received awards. We encourage those of you who did not receive awards this time to continue to improve your project and submit for the next round!

For the final Stellar Build Challenge of 2017, we will follow the same interactive format where you will be required to announce your project prior to final submission (dates below).

Key Dates for final round of 2017:
October 30th: Announce your project
November 15th: Final submission date

Get all the details for the next Stellar Build Challenge here.



Popcoin is a usage based billing service built to be the fastest, easiest and simplest way to get paid for just about anything. Popcoin uses Stellar to create, move and manipulate tokens.

Papayabot is a peer-to-peer trading marketplace in the Telegram app to buy Bitcoins and other currencies.

Publicstellar allows you to list or create your own Asset/ICO token, search details of Asset and ICO tokens, do federation lookup and also read reviews about ICOs running on the Stellar network.

Chipper Cash
Chipper Cash is a financial platform that enables quick peer to peer transactions between people in developing markets.

Stellar PHP API
The Stellar PHP API is for communicating with the Stellar network and signing transactions.

Funtracker.site Bank Anchor
Funtracker.site Bank is a group of stellar.org anchors and a franchise group that deals and distributes in THB, USD, BTC, ETH, XLM and soon many other assets all over the world.

Remittance App

ToNaira is a remittance web app that allows end users to easily send money to Nigeria with a credit card or Account as well as to USA, Thailand and China by making cash deposit or using a debit card.


BlackWallet is an easy-to-use multiplatform web Stellar Lumens wallet. It is an enhanced account viewer as it doesn’t require users to create an account – all you need is a private key.

Lobstr.co is an advanced platform for managing Stellar cryptocurrency in the market. It is available as web, iOS and Android applications.

Stellar Desktop Client
The Stellar Desktop Client is an open source desktop client. It allows you to encrypt your secret key and store it as a file locally on your computer. Easily trust, send, and trade all within the client.

Saza Wallet
Saza Wallet allows you to manage your lumens easily. It supports all the Stellar operations: multiple stellar accounts, sends lumens to emails, create assets, and supports 2-factor authentication.

The Stargazer Wallet is a mobile/desktop wallet for the Stellar payments network.

Luuun is local lumens made easy. Built on Rehive, a platform for launching and managing payment applications, Luuun is a web wallet that supports federation.

Vega Stellar Wallet
The Vegas Stellar wallet allows you to easily manage your lumens in an easy-to-use interface available for Windows, Android and Linux.


eSACCO was created in partnership with the clic.world team to provide a fully functional social banking service to members while retaining the social values and advantages of a traditional savings and credit cooperative in Africa. The eSACCO Dividend Token (ESDT) is a tradable digital crypto-asset issued on the Stellar network.

GFT Network
GFT Network is a platform for e-gift cards built on the Stellar network. They offer comprehensive SAAS solutions and payment settlement for B2B and B2C business with unique conditions: no setup fees, commission-free, zero ownership cost. Learn more about their GFT token!

Trading Client

A web based trading client with full ability to interact with the Stellar distributed exchange. It aims to make it easy and safe for users of any skill level to trade on the Stellar network.

Lupoex is a trading client that connects to the Stellar exchange.

Graphite creates dynamically updated graphs of asset pairs that trade directly on the decentralized distributed Stellar network.

Stellar Crawler
Stellar Crawler is a PHP and JavaScript open-source API that can be used to navigate through the Stellar network.


Stellar Community
Stellar Community is all about connecting people that are involved in the Stellar (XLM) global community.

Galactic Talk
The place to discuss everything related to the Stellar platform. Connects banks, payment systems and people.

Stellar news, community and announcements.

Moving Forward

We hope that the last Stellar Build Challenge of 2017 will be the biggest ever and we look forward to seeing all the projects as they are announced. Don’t forget to check out the SBC page for all the details.

Click here for all the details of the Stellar Build Challenge.

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