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The Stellar Network is much larger than just the Foundation. It includes financial institutions, payment aggregators, and technical specialists all committed to supporting a new and inclusive global infrastructure for payments. This directory provides a list of companies that have integrated to, are working with, or are otherwise supporting the Stellar network. Many of these companies also provide a point of contact for collaboration inquiries. The Foundation is also committed to facilitating connections between entities in the Stellar ecosystem. You can contact us at [email protected] for support in connecting with companies or individuals listed in this directory.


Name Country Currency Description
tempo 40 countries EUR A high-tech European licensed remittance provider headquartered in Paris, France. Tempo is currently serving 43 countries, with over 3,000 network partners.
coinsph Philippines PHP A leading mobile financial service provider, partincularly for the underbanked, Coins is the easiest way to pay and get paid in Southeast Asia.
parkway Nigeria NGN Leading financial technology provider creating modern banking solutions delivered through Africa’s leading banks to businesses and individuals across the continent.
naobtc World BTC NaoBTC can help BTC move faster and exchange with other digital assets easier.
ripplefox China CNY CNY anchor in China. Allows you to send money to any bank or Alipay account in China.
cellulant Nigeria NGN Africa’s leading one-stop payments and digital commerce service company, with offices in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique.
flutterwave Nigeria, Kenya KSH, NGN Digital payment infrastructure company that enables companies and financial institutions send and receive payments across Africa.
icici bank India INR India’s largest private sector bank by consolidated assets, is integrating with the Stellar network to support money transfers internationally and within India.
splash Sierra Leone SLL Sierra Leone’s first mobile payment system, allowing mobile users send and receive money from other mobile users in Sierra Leone.
DBT Uganda, Rwanda UGX Fintech startup operating in Uganda, Rwanda and South Africa focused on digital payment and digital banking. Leader in developing decentralized social banking applications.
bloom Philipines PHP Bloom modernizes remittance businesses by combining cutting-edge technology like the blockchain, instant payments, and messenger bots with traditional tools like SWIFT and SMS. The Bloom network provides instant disbursement to 25 Philippine banks and 4 nationwide cash pickup providers.
bloom Nigeria NGN FCMB is a wholesale banking group with a niche retail banking franchise, headquartered in Lagos.
SendX Singapore SGD Singapore based SendX, in partnership with Stellar, is the better way to move money worldwide. The SendX team believes that the future of transactions is decentralized and distributed, bringing true equity to everyone across the value chain.
KlickEx Pacific Region Multiple KlickEx.co is an award winning regional cross-border payments system delivering financial infrastructure for emerging markets.
Remitr 63 countries Multiple Remitr is a global platform for cross border payments, licensed in Canada. Remitr uses the Stellar network for International settlements for businesses as well as other payment partners. Remitr’s own payout network of 63 countries comprising several currencies, is extended onto the Stellar network.
Fair-eZone Europe Euro Fair-eZone makes sending money abroad as easy, transparent and quick as we exchange information on the web today for everyone.


Name Type Country Description
Deloitte Consulting World Deloitte is a leading global finance and technology consulting firm. It’s clients include 80 percent of the Fortune 500 and more than 6,000 private and middle market companies.
stripe Payment Processing World Stripe is a suite of APIs that powers commerce for businesses of all sizes.
wanxiang Blockchain R&D China Wangxiang blockchain labs is a frontier research institution focused on blockchain technology.
le.com Many many things China A leading global company born from the internet, LeEco seamlessly blends devices, content, applications and distribution in a first-of-its kind ecosystem.
Bext360 Consulting World bext360 develops technologies which strengthen local businesses and communities in emerging economies by increasing access to capital and streamlining critical supply chains. Our technology builds upon the fundamental shift in mobile access, renewable energy, microfinance and mobile/digital currencies in developing countries.
Factury Consulting World Blockchain-powered secondary market for loans originated by non-bank lenders.
gingkoo Consulting World IT Consultancy for financal services industry.
Whiterock Consulting World Digital payments company that enables individuals and corporate entities send and receive crossborder payments to and from West Africa.
wipro Consulting World Wipro delivers IT Services, Business and Technology Consulting, IT Outsourcing and System Integration services & solutions.
Hijro Supply Chain Finance World Hijro is the financial operating network for global trade powered by distributed ledger technology.
distributed lab Consulting Ukraine Distributed Lab is a crypto & decentralized technology expertise center. Founded in 2014, the team consists of 30 experts — researchers, developers, analysts. Main activities are custom blockchain development, creation of innovative products and architectures, education and conferences.
mifos Software Provider World Mifos is an extended platform for delivering the complete range of financial services needed for an effective financial inclusion solution.
moni Payment Card Europe MONI is building the future of consumer driven finance. MONI’s vision is to provide a ‘banking’ account to every person with a mobile phone.
oradian Software Provider Western Africa Core microfinance system and platform that enables easy to use microfinance management. Built in the cloud and ready to use – SaaS.
quantoz IoT World SPUR is a Quantoz innovation which enables pay-per-use models through secure electronic IoT payments to (non) connected devices.
rehive Wallet as a Service World Rehive is the fastest and most affordable way to build, launch and scale your web or mobile-based payments app.
telindus Financial Services – ITC Europe Telindus, regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority, delivers innovative & tailor-made solutions to the Financial Sector that improve operational processes and enhance client Experience. Telindus is also a leader in Data Management, Cloud Services, Fixed/Mobile Telecommunications, ICT Infrastructure & Security.
AngloAfrican Consulting Africa Anglo African is an information technology firm, headquartered in Mauritius, with fully owned subsidiaries in Madagascar, Rwanda, Zambia and Zimbabwe and sales offices in Djibouti and Reunion. We are the leading player in the Cloud, Analytics, Digital and IOT space in the markets that we operate.
Consulting World Hashcash Consultants build financial solutions for banks and financial institutions over blockchain. We leverage the Stellar platform to build products that vastly improve the remittance and payments experience for banks and their customers. Transfers happen lightening fast at a fraction of current rates and operational cost is significantly reduced.
Trading World Poseidon is a new venture that revolutionises the way nature is valued, using Stellar’s blockchain technology to access the carbon market. Poseidon empowers people to save the planet with every purchase.


Name Country Contact
Frank Roessig Europe @froessig on slack
Cheng Kuan China @lab on slack
Johan Stén Philippines @dzham on slack
Celestine Omin Nigeria

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